Covid-19 Safe Practices & Policies

Dear Valued Guest:

Welcome to Elk Cove Inn & Spa! We appreciate that you have chosen our bed and breakfast for your upcoming getaway. Below you will find a list of practices that we are engaged in to best protect you, our guest, as well as our employees during this time of Covid-19. We are also including a list of policies that we request of each of our guests to ensure the health and safety of all who frequent our inn. Thank you for your understanding and participation as we work together to stay health and enjoy life during a particularly difficult time.

~ All of us at Elk Cove Inn & Spa


  • Each of our employees have received training in extensive cleaning procedures, to include the frequent sanitizing of all common touch areas such as counters, doors, floors, lamps, light switches, tables, chairs, and couches, for example.
  • You are welcome to enjoy our outdoor facilities. We practice frequent cleaning of railings, deck chairs, all common touch surfaces.
  • Each of our employees wears a mask and, where needed, gloves.
  • At all times, we practice social distancing, maintaining 6-feet apart from all others.
  • We offer only self check in to maintain contact with our guests to a minimum and avoid the spread of COVID. A yellow check in envelope will be placed on the office door with your name on it, in it you will find directions to your room as well as your breakfast slips and instructions. All food is delivered to the room at the time of reservation.


  • Each of our rooms are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized prior to guest arrival. All surfaces, furniture, linens and amenities are sanitized.
  • Once your room is cleaned and prepared for you, no one enters the room prior to your arrival.
  • Arriving at your room, you will find a set of masks, antibacterial hand sanitizer, disposable gloves and wipes.
  • We do not provide cleaning during your stay. We welcome you to request any amenities and supplies that need to be replenished during your stay.


  • Each room is equipped with a coffee maker, teas and drinking cups.
  • We provide a delicious breakfast each morning as part of your stay.
  • We deliver all food, breakfast and dinner to your room.
  • Our staff uses masks and gloves when preparing and serving meals.


  • We request that guests wear a mask when in close quarters with other guests and our staff.
  • If you are feeling unwell, we request that you notify us by phone so that we can reschedule your stay with us.
  • If while you are at the inn, you become unwell, we request that you notify us and make arrangements to return home.
  • We ask all guests to practice social distancing during check in, while enjoying our property, at breakfast and when interacting with other guests as well as our staff.