Wedding Package FAQs

What if we have guests attending the wedding?
Additional guests are welcomed. If they are guests of the inn, there is no charge. If they are not guests of the inn there is a $25 charge per guest.

Marriage License
A marriage license may be obtained by appearing in person in the office of the County Clerk. Couples are asked to arrive no later than 4:30 p.m. to have a marriage license issued by 5 p.m. Couples will need to complete an application.

Here are sources for a Marriage License:

If the completed application is brought with you, you may arrive by 4:45 p.m. If either party is not at least 18 years of age, a court order must be obtained and the minor must appear with a parent or legal guardian. A current picture ID is required for each party. If a dissolution has taken place within the last 90 days, you must bring a certified copy of the final dissolution.

*A confidential license is not available to minors. It may only be used in Mendocino County. The confidential marriage will not be made part of the public record. In order to obtain a certified copy after you are married, you must appear in person and show identification.

What about music?
We have resources for music for your wedding: Marcia Lotter – Violinist | Mindy Rosenfeld – Quartets | Roberta Belson – Harpist

What should we wear?
Dressing in layers is recommended. Our weather changes frequently during the day. It can become windy, foggy and cold very quickly. Temperatures fall into the mid 40’s at night and you will need a wrap or coats. Wearing high heels is not advisable if the wedding is to be held on the beach.

May we ship our clothes and/or other items for the wedding?
You may ship your wedding attire and any other items that you need for the wedding ahead of your arrival and we will unpack and hang the clothing in a safe, clean place. A steamer and iron are available for your use.

Is there someone to do the bride’s make-up and hair?
Yes: Marianella Brey, M Salon 707-397-1411
Sally Stewart, Southern Exposure 707-937-4436
Danielle Bloom 707-937-2171
Our brides love to take over the spa on the day of the wedding for spa therapy and have make-up and hair services for all the females in attendance. A great way to have female “bonding” and we furnish the champagne for the pre-wedding jitters.

What if we don’t want everything included in the elopement package?
That’s easy – You handle all the arrangements and co-ordination but pay a site fee for the ceremony and use of grounds for photography. The price is: 16 – 40 people — $3500

Wedding guests not staying at the inn – $25 per person

Can we get married on the beach instead of the gazebo?
Absolutely! Please note that the beach is a 5 minute walk with stairs and a trail.

Can we have a bonfire and cook-out on the beach?
Yes you can, in fact it is a favorite thing for wedding groups to do on the night before the wedding. There are picnic tables, fire rings, etc. Bring the hot dogs and s’mores fixins and you are ready. You can also have the Elk Store cater a picnic-style meal. Be sure to remind everyone that is can be cold on the beach, even with a bonfire so dress warmly.

What about the weather?
There is no way we, or the weather service, can predict the weather on your wedding day. It is generally cool – (year round) so be sure the bride and guests have wraps. If it rains, the ceremony can be moved to the dining area which has incredible ocean views. We are on the ocean and have very odd weather patterns – many days there is sun, fog, mist, rain, clouds, hail, more sun, all in the same morning – get the gist – it just cannot be predicted. » Check the weather in Elk here.

Can we have a wedding dinner at the inn?
Yes, as long as you have booked all of the rooms. Our chef will work with you on food and drinks for your reception.

What if we want to get married in a church?
There are two right here in Elk: Greenwood Community Church and Blessed Sacrament Church.

Do we have to rent all of the rooms at the inn?
If you have a group of 16 or larger you are requires to book all 16 rooms.You don’t want strangers hanging around your wedding and our regular guests are usually here for a getaway so they are sometimes uncomfortable with large groups. Plus, it is much more fun to have the entire inn for your group.

How much to rent the rooms?
Please see our rates on our website or call 1-707-877-3321.

Do we have to stay two nights?
Weddings and elopements require a two night stay.