SIBO Restaurant Seafood & Sip Menu

Feb 2-5

This menu is created specifically for the Seafood & Sip Mendocino Wine Event.
You can make selections from this menu and our regular dinner menu.


Frog Legs and Snails Cassoulet with Leeks and Elephant Garlic $18

Shrimp Cocktail Quimperlaise $19

Soup de Poisson Marseillaise, Rouille $22

Salmon, Tuna, Black Cod, Mussels and Shrimp Ceviche, Rocoto Cream $21


Sea Urchin, Winter Squash and She Crab Ravioli, Brandi Veloute $41

Mussels and Wild Mushroom Risotto $39

Butter-poached Salmon, Rhubarb compote and Caviar, Beurre Nantais $40

Rockfish and Crab Papillote, Uni and Vermouth Sauce $39

Seared Sea Scallops, Pink & Madagascar Peppercorn Beurre Blanc $42

Black Cod SoufflĂ©, Armoricaine Sauce  $39

Grilled Octopus ala Gallega  $41

Most amazing place really. Came for a friend’s wedding. Everything and I mean Everything here is awesome. The sheets and beds are great, the bathtubs are big enough to actually enjoy, the food is beyond incredible. And I cannot express with words the scenery. It is outstanding. The staff was so kind and the attention to detail the offered to my friend for her wedding was exceptional. Breakfast is unforgettable and generous. The massage was stellar and the flower garden is best with a glass of wine. Picnic in the cove and wake to amazing views. Really a winner, so much so that we plan to visit again this year ” – Emily Owens, Google Review